Akumulatorski CBC-10 12V / 24V v2

Akumulatorski  CBC-10 12V / 24V v2
Proizvođač: Ostali
Model: 11701035
Dostupnost: Dostupno
Cijena: 429,00kn
Bez PDV: -25% = 343,20kn
   - ILI -   



  • Microprocessor controlled – completely automatic charging process;
  • Adjustable charge current – 2/5/10A (up to 5A for 24V batteries);
  • Maintains a full charge and will resume charging if the voltage drops below a certain level;
  • Extends the battery life;
  • Multi-stage charging process, up to 9 different stages;
  • An LED idication of the charging process;
  • Additional power supply mode 13.6V DC/5A – a function that can be used as a trickle charger or a power supply for equipment powered with 12V;
  • designated for 12V (10-300Ah) batteries and 24V (10-150Ah);
  • Assessment and recovery of extremely discharged batteries;
  • Compatible battery types: 12V/24V - VRLA, AGM, VLA SLA, WET, GEL, LEAD ACID;
  • A “winter” mode ensures a full charge even in low temperatures.


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