Nosač EXtreme R3 Universal Bike Holder

Nosač EXtreme R3 Universal Bike Holder
Model: 14801002
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EXtreme R3 Universal Bike Holder
well-known manufacturer of high-quality GSM accessories


The r3 type holder from eXtreme is another proposition among bicycle handles. R3 is designed for larger phone users. As with other eXtreme bike holders, this one is also easy to install - without any tools.

The handle mount is made of strong plastic so that it securely holds on to the handlebars. The head is covered with silicone which not only protects against damage but at the same time absorbs vibrations.

As an additional protection of the phone from falling out of the handle, the eraser is mounted, it is small enough so that it does not hinder the use of the functions of the phone.

Product features:
• fits phones with 4" to 5.5" display
• adjustable ball bearing head
• smooth arm adjustment mechanism locking in the selected position
• arms and handle back lined with delicate material
• shoulder spacing (vertical) : 113 - 170mm
• phone width allowed: 43 - 77mm


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