Ljepilo Magic 45g Bookbinding Adhesive

Ljepilo Magic 45g Bookbinding Adhesive
Model: 16303016
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Cijena: 1,33€
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popular and effective adhesive for repair, technical, office and school work. It is characterized by a strong and fast bonding process and a transparent, stain-free and dirt-free consistency. Odorless, has PZH approval. Easy to squeeze and precisely distribute. Easily removable with a small amount of water.

The extraordinary properties of MAGIC adhesive (elasticity, transparency after drying) allow its use when gluing a variety of surfaces as well as their combinations:

  • backs of books
  • Paper
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • coffers
  • Cork
  • Fabric
  • aluminium foil and polyester
  • Puzzle
  • Styrofoam
  • geometric solids
  • Cardboard

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