GP Battery for wireless phones GP T382

GP Battery for wireless phones GP T382
Proizvođač: Ostali
Model: 14703003
Dostupnost: Dostupno
Cijena: 5,99€
Bez PDV: -25% = 4,79€
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Battery for cordless phones.

Latest generation of GP battery. Made in Ni-MH technology with no memory effect.
Fully compatible with the previous generation of NI-CD batteries-can be used on older phones/headphones.
New cells provide higher lifespan and longer working time. The original battery is the longest working time for your wireless phone.

Original goods, from the official distribution-packaged in the manufacturer's factory packaging.

Ni-MH; 550 mAh Battery; 2.4 V; 2xAAA
Replaces original batteries: 55aaahr2bmx, A5B00075178739, C30852D1640X1, S30852-D1640-X1, V30145-K1310-X359, V30145-K1310-X383
Dimensions: 45.8 x 20.7 x 10.7 mm
Weight 26 g

Official Phone compatibility table:

Manufacturer Model
Siemens: Gigaset A12Gigaset A120Gigaset A14Gigaset A140Gigaset A140 DuoGigaset A140 TrioGigaset A140 weibGigaset A145Gigaset A16Gigaset A160Gigaset A160 DuoGigaset A160 TrioGigaset A165Gigaset A240Gigaset A240 DuoGigaset A240 weibGigaset A245Gigaset A245 DuoGigaset A245 weibGigaset A260Gigaset A260 DuoGigaset A260 TrioGigaset A265Gigaset A265 TrioGigaset AL145Gigaset AL145 DuoGigaset AS14Gigaset AS140Gigaset AS140 DuoGigaset AS150Gigaset AS150 DuoGigaset C240Gigaset Q063
Universum: CL15SL15

The battery of the same size, voltage and shape also occurs in many others, not listed in the list of phones-if in doubt, please contact us.

Practical Tip:
Please note that the wireless phone owes its name for a reason. Remove the handset from the base each time the battery is fully charged. A bad habit is also putting the handset on the base after each conversation, etc. (unless the conversation interrupted us the charging process). As far as possible, the handset will only be placed on the base when the battery charge is low.
Frequent, regular leaving the handset on the base shortens the battery life!

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