Theta X NEW

Theta X NEW
Theta X NEW Theta X NEW Theta X NEW
Proizvođač: Ricoh
Model: 910840
Dostupnost: Dostupno
Cijena: 999,39€
Bez PDV: -25% = 799,51€
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mage Stabilization, Real-Time Stitching
2.25" Touchscreen for Preview & Control
360° 5760x2880 5.7K30 Video
Swappable Batteries & MicroSDXC Cards
Dual 1/2.0 Type 48MP CMOS Sensors
Up to 60MP JPEG Photos
Bluetooth & MIMO, 46GB Internal Memory
360° Live Streaming in 4K30
Client Mode, 3rd Party App Development
Built-In GPS, Magnesium Alloy Body


Capture and view immersive, high-resolution 360° video and still images with the THETA X 360° Camera from Ricoh. Based around dual 48MP CMOS sensors and twin f/2.4 lenses, the THETA X records up to 5.7K30 video and 60MP still photos and offers live streaming in 4K30 AVCH/H.264. A user-friendly 2.25" touchscreen display enables you to both preview and view your images, start/stop recording, take photos, and control the camera settings, all without needing to link to a smartphone. This compact camera is also the first of Ricoh's 360° line to offer swappable batteries and microSDXC card recording in addition to the 46GB of internal memory.


Real-time, in-camera stitching greatly reduces the time needed to process your 360° videos on your computer and integrated image stabilization smooths out your handheld action. The THETA X connects quickly using Bluetooth 5.0 without needing to enter an SSID (network name) and also offers dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity. Use the separately available cap to protect the camera lenses and to serve as a tabletop stand.


5.7K 360° Video and 60MP Stills

High-Resolution Capture

The THETA X enables you to capture immersive 360° views of your travels, events, or commercial properties in the form of up to 11K (60MP) still photos or up to 5.7K video at 30 fps
Maximum capture times at 77°F (due to potential overheating):

5.7K30 video: 10 minutes
4K60 video: 10 minutes
4K30 streaming: 25 minutes

Real-Time Stitching

View your footage on your laptop or PC more quickly thanks to the THETA X's real-time stitching that greatly reduces the processing time needed.

48MP Sensor

The THETA X combines redesigned a processor and twin 48MP sensors and f/2.4 lenses to capture scenes as close as 15.7" from the lens front.

Two Still Format Options

There are two settings for still image capture: 11K for high-resolution capture of bright scenes and a more efficient 5.5K option with the ability to shoot up to 20 stills per second.

Time Shift Mode

Capture images without being seen in the frame using the Time Shift mode.

Touchscreen Display

The built-in 2.25" touchscreen LCD screen enables you to use the THETA X without your smartphone or a remote control. You can even adjust the camera settings and preview your image before shooting. Photos can be taken with a touchscreen tap and users can cycle through shooting modes with a single button on the camera. After shooting, images can be selected on the touchscreen for viewing as favorites on your smartphone.

Interchangeable Batteries

The THETA X is Ricoh's first 360° camera to use interchangeable DB-110 3.6V, 1350mAh batteries, enabling you to shoot for longer periods. You can also power the camera via its USB Type-C port without needing the optional Extension Adapter.

Internal Plus microSDXC Card Memory

The camera's 46GB of internal memory can be supplemented with a microSDXC card of 64GB or higher, letting you capture even more footage over the course of your day.

Updated Smartphone Connectivity

Easier Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity has been upgraded to negate the need to enter an SSID when setting up the connection, saving you both time and effort.

MIMO for Faster Transfers

Internal MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas are used to transfer images to your smartphone at rates up to 1.5x faster than the Ricoh THETA V camera.

Image Stabilization

Improved image stabilization smooths out your action videos at rates up to 5.7K30.


To obtain optimal streaming video, the THETA X enables you to adjust your exposure and white balance settings within the camera before you start livestreaming. Livestream your content via USB at a high resolution of 4K30 at rates up to 100Mb/s in AVC/H.264 with AAC-LC single-channel audio.

Plug-In Expandability

The Android-based OS in the THETA X enables the creation of plug-in apps by third-party developers, further expanding the camera's capabilities. A new client mode enables the THETA X to connect directly to your router for easy expansions without requiring a smartphone, laptop, or PC.

GPS Function

Integrated GPS and support for A-GPS (Assisted GPS) enable users to obtain accurate positional data from the camera.

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