2000 mAh XTAR R6/AA Lit 1.5V punjiva sa zaštitom

2000 mAh XTAR R6/AA Lit 1.5V punjiva sa zaštitom
Model: 17001009
Dostupnost: Dostupno
Cijena: 9,16€
Bez PDV: -25% = 7,32€
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These include:

  • higher rated voltage - 1.5V (Ni-MH has only 1.2V)

    Some devices, e.g. blood pressure monitors, unfortunately work much shorter on Ni-MH batteries due to lower voltage. On alkaline batteries, on the other hand, they last much longer.
  • constant voltage at all times

    The voltage on this battery from the very beginning to the end will be 1.5V. Thanks to this, e.g. in flashlights, we will be able to enjoy the full power of lighting all the time.
  • a large number of cycles - more than 1000!

    Xtar used the highest quality cell along with a protection system that allowed to obtain a large number of charge / discharge cycles with minimal battery degradation effect.



  • no memory effect

    Li-ion batteries are completely devoid of the memory effect. This allows them to be charged at any time.
  • no self-discharge effect

    Unlike some Ni-MH batteries, the Xtara battery can last a long time unused - without losing its capacity/energy charge.
  • high current efficiency

    The Xtar battery is able to give off a current of up to 2A!






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