charger for li-ion 18650 Xtar X4 cylindrical batteries

charger for li-ion 18650 Xtar X4 cylindrical batteries
charger for li-ion 18650 Xtar X4 cylindrical batteries charger for li-ion 18650 Xtar X4 cylindrical batteries charger for li-ion 18650 Xtar X4 cylindrical batteries
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Model: 17002033
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Professional dual-channel, compact processor charger
Xtar X4
for Li-ion and Ni-MH batteries in sizes 18650, AA, AAA and other


Key features
• Charging Li-ion batteries with a three-stage TC/CC/CV charging process
• CC charging of Ni-MH batteries
• four independent charging channels
• power bank function - USB 5V/1A output (only for Li-ion cells in sizes from 18650)
• three charging currents - 1x 2A / 2x 1A / 2x 0.5A (for Ni-MH and Li-ion cells up to 65mm long)
• LCD display indicating charging capacities, cell voltage and charging current
•powered by any 2A USB charger and directly from 230V network
• compact size - easy to carry
• function of reactivation of deep discharged cells
• protection: short-circuit, thermal, against reverse polarity



Xtar is a renowned manufacturer of high quality Li-ion chargers, flashlights and Li-ion batteries. Xtar products are sold in more than 120 countries, including min. Germany, Japan and Russia. Xtar uses the highest quality materials for the production of chargers , from plastic housing to efficient electronics. All Xtar chargers are CE certified in European markets.

X4 is a professional processor charger with three-stage TC/CC/CV charging process and LCD display. Charges 1-4 Li-ion 3.6 / 3.7V and Ni-MH cells of any capacity in sizes AAA/R03, AA/R6, R14/C, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17500, 17670, 18350, 18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22650, 25500, 26650.

The Xtar X4's backlit VA LCD display shows up-to-date information about the charger's operating status: battery charge expressed in mAh, battery voltage, charging current and cell internal resistance.

What is the TC/CC/CV charging method? It is a three-stage li-ion cell charging process that ensures that the cell is maintained in good condition by charging with the right current at each stage and completing the charging process at the right time.
The different stages of the TC/CC/CV process are:
•TC phase: cells discharged below 2.9V are 'awakened' by a lower current.
•CC phase: when 2.9V is reached, the cell is charged with a constant current of 1x 2A / 2x 1A / 2x 0.5A (for Ni-MH and Li-ion cells up to 65mm long).
•CV phase: When the cell is almost charged, the charger switches to charging with a decreasing current until the 4.2V voltage on the cell is reached. When the 4.2V is reached, the charging process is complete - the battery is fully charged.

The charged batteries left in the charger will undergo a natural self-discharge process. Charging will resume when the battery voltage drops below 3.9V.

The Xtar X4 charger has the function of reactivating deep discharge cells and 0V cells. Many chargers on the market are unable to charge such batteries. Here comes the Xtar X4 charger comes to therescue, which in many cases allows you to 'rescue' such cells. Simply insert a deeply discharged battery into the X4 charger, as with normal charging , the charger will detect the discharged cell and attempt to reactivate it. Attention! Cells discharged below a certain level are irreparably damaged and may not be able to be reactivated. Avoid draining li-ion batteries too deeply - this can significantly reduce their durability and capacity or lead to their complete


The Xtar X4 has an additional power bank function with 5V USB output with a maximum power of 1A. As a power source, you can use a Li-ion battery in size from 18650 with a minimum capacity of 2200mAh. To use the power bank function, disconnect the charger from the power supply and place the batteries in it. When the device is connected under the USB output, the charger will automatically show the output voltage and charging current. ATTENTION! The USB output is electronically protected against overload and turns off automatically when the power consumption exceeds 1A.

Complete with xtar X4 charger we get a 230V 2-pin network cable (so-called eight). No power supply is included. Any charger with a USB port, such as a phone or USB port, or a computer with a free USB port, is all you need to power the charger. The recommended charger power is 2.1A (2100mA).




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