Punjač SMART Brzi + 4 AA eneloop pro

Punjač SMART Brzi + 4 AA eneloop pro
Proizvođač: eneloop
Model: K-KJ55HCD40E
Dostupnost: Dostupno
Cijena: 329,00kn
Bez PDV: -25% = 263,20kn
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Brzi punjač sa 4 AA eneloop pro baterije

• 3 LED Colors Indicate Charge Progress, Battery Status, and Battery Life
• Features Battery Life Checker (Rapid Flashes at End of Life)
• Charges 2 x AA Cells in 1.5 Hours
• Accepts 4 x AA or 4 x AAA

• Smart Charge: Detects voltage and stops charging before overflow for longer battery life.
• Dimensions: 66 (W) x 120 (L) x 28 (H) mm
• Weight: 120 g (AC plug)


3-Color LED Indicator

Remaining capacity and charging status indication

Remaining Capacity and Charging Status Indication

3-color LED indicates charge progress by detecting voltage. Indicates remaining battery power with red, yellow, and green lights.


Battery-life checker

Battery Life Checker

Flashing LED colors indicate approximate battery replacement timing.


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